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Who We Are

We are the next generation Venture Capital fund. We are believers in a more diversified approach to Venture Capital and in opening up access to more investors. We are supporters of the next generation of venture funds and backers of the best technology companies. We are not afraid to be different.

Why We're Different

Rather than focus only on long-standing venture fund managers, we believe there is a significant opportunity for investment in emerging fund managers. In many cases, these fund managers have proven to achieve incredible access to the best founders, often driving outsized returns.

For our investors, we believe more people should have access to the venture capital asset class, not just a select few. We make the process educational and inclusive for you.

My Story


Our Founder

Samir Vig

Bringing together founder, operator, and investor experience, Samir strives for a well-balanced approach to fund management. With an institutional investment background, he focuses on proven traditional methodologies combined with emerging learnings from an ever-changing venture capital landscape.

Samir aims to achieve both diversification and market-leading returns through Bare Ventures' unique hybrid approach to Venture Capital investing. He is dedicated to those he partners with and believes investments should be more value-add than just the capital. His promise is to support the emerging fund manager ecosystem and promote diversity through the fund's investment selection process.

Before founding Bare Ventures, Samir was part of the Venture Capital investment team at Schroders Capital, responsible for sourcing new fund of funds opportunities and leading investments into high-growth venture companies. He helped launch a new fund mandate in Asia and helped build the VC fund's internal benchmarking framework. Previously, he was a Venture Capital investor with Altpoint Ventures and program lead for the accelerator program, during which time he served as interim CEO for Vetter Banking prior to building out the team and the ultimate exit. Samir started his career as a consultant with Ernst & Young then KPMG.

Samir holds an MBA from the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business and a BA in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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